Why does the CookieHub widget show up on every page view?

If you have already allowed cookies or configured your cookie choices but the CookieHub dialog keeps showing up on every page view or reload you are probably trying to use CookieHub on a different domain than the one created in the CookieHub portal.

If you create the domain example.org in the CookieHub portal you will only be able to use the code on example.org or any subdomain of the example TLD, ex. www.example.orgsupport.example.org etc.

How about development or staging sites?

Some users want to try CookieHub on a development or staging site on a different top level domain before publishing to a production site and we offer a different development code to do that which can be used on any domain.

When using the development code, a watermark is shown in the bottom right corner of your site.

Follow these steps to find the development code:

1. Log in to your CookieHub account on dash.cookiehub.com

2. Click the domain

3. With theOverviewtab selected, scroll to the bottom of the page

4. Click the Development tab in the Your code section and there you'll get the code that you should use:

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