Opening the cookie settings dialog

This cookie settings icon in the bottom left or right corner of your site is used by end users to access cookie settings after they have made the initial choice. In some cases this icon is distracting or does not fit properly into the web site’s design.

You can easily hide the cookie settings icon in the CookieHub portal by selecting your domain and clicking the User interface tab. There you’ll find an option to thide the icon.

To comply with GDPR and other cookie laws you may still have to offer the option to revoke consent later and you can do that by creating a custom link on your web site where the users can access the cookie settings dialog.

There are two ways to create the link, either by applying a class to an <a> tag or using the JavaScript API:

Using HTML class

<a href="#" class="ch2-open-settings-btn">Open settings</a>

JavaScript API

<a href="javascript:void 0" onclick="window.cookiehub.openSettings()">Open settings</a>

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