Data processing & storage locations

CookieHub uses multiple cloud hosting providers to store and process data in secure data centers in Germany, France and the Netherlands. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest and is never shared or sold to third parties and never transferred outside the EU and EEA.

The primary cloud provider is Amazon AWS which is used to host the CookieHub dashboard (, provide various core services and run the primary content delivery network (CDN). The CDN is used to serve the CookieHub widget on your website and is distributed from various data centers around the world to reduce latency to your end users and making sure the CookieHub widget has minimal impact on the website’s performance.

Europe only storage

CookieHub provides an alternative content delivery network (CDN) and consent log storage in data centers operated by a European service provider. 
Customers with a Business or Enterprise subscription can switch to using only European storage in the CookieHub dashboard by going to the Settings tab. 
The cloud providers used for European storage are Scaleway SAS and BunnyWay d.o.o., and the consent log data is stored in the Netherlands and France.

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