Security and Data Protection practices

CookieHub is basing its security and data protection practices on ISO 27001, GDPR and PCI-DSS. We have extensive security and management policies in place in order to protect the data hosted and processed and for business continuity.

All data is stored in Amazon AWS tier 3+ data centers in Europe which are secure by design, redundant and ISO 27001 certified. Servers are monitored 24/7, automatic offsite backups are in place as well as policies regarding vulnerability and patch management, network access and risk management.

All CookieHub services are created with built in data protection safeguards. Our content delivery network (CDN) is distributed in Amazon AWS data centers around the world and are fully redundant and scalable.

CookieHub does not store, track or process any personal information about end-users and IP addresses are anonymized in log files.

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