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To modify personal information, update password, change communication settings or enable two-factor authentication, click on your name located in the top right corner and select "Profile". From there, you can edit your personal details, change your password, update your communication preferences, and enable two-factor authentication.

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Change password

To update your password, enter your current password in the first password field, then enter the new password and confirm it by clicking the "Save Changes" button. Once you change your password, you will be automatically logged out of the system and will need to log in again with the new password.

Communication options

On the user profile page, you can customize your communication settings by selecting the options for which you want to receive messages.

These options include:

  • CookieHub updates and announcements: Receive updates, new feature information, and other relevant information to help maintain your website's compliance.
  • Cookie scan reports: Receive a report on the cookies detected and compliance status after each cookie scan, whether automatically conducted monthly or requested manually.
  • Invoices and billing: Receive messages related to billing.

Two-Factor Authentication

CookieHub supports two-factor authentication to provide an extra layer of security to your account. To enable two-factor authentication, go to your Profile page and click the Enable button in the two factor authentication section. This will bring up a dialog containing a QR code that you can scan using the Google Authenticator app. Once you've scanned the code, enter the code that is generated by the app to verify that everything is set up correctly. From then on, whenever you log in to your account, you will need to provide both your password and a one-time code generated by the app in order to access your account.

Enable two-factor authentication
Enable two-factor authentication

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