Wordpress cookie consent guide

CookieHub provides a Wordpress plugin to make the implementation to your Wordpress. The CookieHub Wordpress plugin is available directly from the Wordpress plugin repository. You can find further information about the plugin on wordpress.org.

Follow the steps below to install and configure the CookieHub Wordpress plugin.

Install the CookieHub Wordpress plugin

  1. Log in to the Wordpress admin for your website
  2. Click the Plugins link in the left menu
  3. Click the Add New button at the top
  4. Search for cookiehub and click Install Now
  5. Activate the plugin by clicking the Activate button

Configure the CookieHub GDPR plugin for Wordpress

When you have installed the CookieHub plugin as described in the previous section, it has to be configured to link it to your CookieHub account/domain.
  1. From the Plugins item in the left menu, click CookieHub
  2. Type your domain code in the Code field and check the Automatic cookie blocking option (if you have already activated automatic cookie blocking for your domain).

  3. Scroll down and save the changes.

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