Google Tag Manager (GTM) Implementation

CookieHub provides a Google Tag Manager template with built-in Google Consent Mode support for easy and seamless implementation to your current Google Tag Manager container. The template includes variables, triggers and the CookieHub tag prebuilt and ready to use.

Login to CookieHub dashboard, select your domain and click the Implementation tab to get a customized template for your domain and step by step instructions:

You can also follow the steps below to impement to Google Tag Manager but after the setup, you'll need to edit the CookieHub and insert the correct 8 character CookieHub domain code for your domain.

Import the CookieHub GTM template

The CookieHub template is imported into your Google Tag Manager container from a JSON file. Follow these steps to import the template:
  1. Download the CookieHub template (cookiehub-gtm.json)
  2. Go to Google Tag Manager and open the container used by your web site
  3. Click the Admin link from the top menu.

  4. Click the Import Container button in the Container section.

  5. Click Choose container file.

  6. Locate the cookiehub-gtm.json file downloaded earlier and click Open.

  7. Under Choose workspace select Existing.

  8. Click Default Workspace or the workspace you would like to import the template to from the list of workspaces.

  9. Select Merge as the import option.

    Please note! Don't choose Overwrite there as that would remove all current tags configured in your Google Tag Manager container

  10. Click the Confirm button to start the import.

  11. Edit the CookieHub tag and add your CookieHub domain code:

The CookieHub tag is now configured in your Google Tag Manager container. Google consent mode is automatically enabled and tags with built-in consent mode support, including Google Analytics, Google Ads and Floodlight will work correctly without further changes.
You will need to use the Additional consent feature in Google Tag Manager for tags that don't have built-in consent mode support.
You can use the Consent overview feature in Google Tag Manager to identify which tags don't have built-in consent mode.

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