Weebly cookie consent guide

If you are currently loading external services (including Google Analytics or other tracking services) using the Weebly Header/Footer code you can easily implement CookieHub to the site to make it compliant with cookie regulations. If you are using Google Tag Manager, please refer to our Google Tag Manager setup guide.

1. Create the domain in the CookieHub dashboard by clicking the Add domain button. Log in to your account or create a new one on dash.cookiehub.com.

2. Type your domain name and click the Add domain button.

3. Copy the integration code

4. Log in to the Weebly portal and click Edit site

5. Click the Settings link from the top navigation

6. Click the SEO link in the left navigation and scroll down to the Header Code section

7. Paste the CookieHub integration code to the top of the Header Code box

8. Modify the <script tag of any tracking script loaded in the Header Code or Footer Code dialogs to make them manageable by CookieHub as instructed in the Delay inline JavaScript blocks section in the CookieHub implementation guide. If you are using Google Analytics, the end results would look similar to this:

9. Click the Save button at the bottom and then publish your changes using the Publish button in the top right corner. CookieHub is now implemented and managing third party tracking scripts automatically.

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