Enhanced accessibility

As of version 2.3.6, CookieHub offers the option to enable enhanced accessibility features to meet requirements set by WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). By default, CookieHub aims to be fully compliant but some features required to comply with the guidelines and regulations are optional and can be manually enabled in the CookieHub dashboard.

Enabling enhanced accessibility will make the following changes to your CookieHub widget:

  • When the cookie choice dialog, the learn more link will always get the focus.
  • A table header is shown in the cookie declaration table indicating a tag/label.
  • The root container will be a section html tag instead of div.
  • The CookieHub html code is rendered at the top of the body tag instead of at the end.
  • Better contrast ratio on tags in the cookie declaration table.
  • Size of the "Cookie consent by CookieHub" increased for better readability.

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