Is CookieHub only for GDPR compliance, what about other cookie laws?

CookieHub is suitable for websites that need to comply with cookie regulations anywhere in the world, not just GDPR, CCPA or LGPD.

Most privacy/cookie laws set lately are largely based or influenced by GDPR and the sections related to personal data processing are very similar. In countries where strict cookie and data processing laws are in place, a clear consent is required before setting cookies that can be used to track user behavior or identify a person and websites must offer the option to revoke consent at any time as easily as the consent was given.

CookieHub does exactly that, when implemented correctly no cookies are set before user has consented and users can revoke consent at any time. CookieHub automatically removes cookies belonging to categories that haven't been consented to and also when a user revokes consent. Additionally CookieHub automatically generates a cookie declaration and collects consent log which is required in some countries.

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