Why does the cookie scan report say "Action required"?

After each scan for domains with active Premium and Enterprise subscription, a cookie scan report is automatically sent by e-mail to the account owner with a list of cookies in use and further details about each cookie.

Additionally, the CookieHub crawlers will verify the setup of CookieHub on your web site to let you know if something isn't correctly configured in order to be fully compliant with cookie laws. If something is wrong with the setup, you will see a warning at the top of the message Action required! with details about what needs to fixed below.

Cookie categorization

x cookies are not correctly categorized. Please log in to your CookieHub portal and move all cookies from the uncategorized category into the suitable category.

This message will show up if one or more cookies are assigned to the Uncategorized category. If CookieHub does not recognize the cookie and can't automatically assign it to a category, it's placed in the Uncategorized section and will require you to relocate it to the correct category (Necessary, Preferences, Analytics or Marketing) manually.

To place the cookies in the correct categories, log in to the CookieHub portal on dash.cookiehub.com, select your domain and click the Cookies tab. From there, click the edit button for each cookie in the Uncategorized section and select the correct category.

Consent required

x cookies are not correctly set up and are set before the user has given consent. Check the all cookies detected list below and make sure all tracking cookies require consent and move necessary cookies into the correct category.

Next to each cookie in the table shown in the cookie scan report you will see the Consent required flag set to either Yes or No. If it's set to Yes, then the service setting this cookie is correctly configured and will honor user's cookie choices and you don't have to make any changes. If you see No next to the cookie and it's placed in the Analytics, Marketing or Uncategorized sections the cookie is being set even if the user has denied the cookie category. To fix that, make sure you implement CookieHub correctly on your web site as described in the CookieHub Implementation guide.

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