CookieHub v1 EOL

CookieHub v2 was released on April 1st 2020. It's a major update with new features including cookie scanning, automatic cookie declaration, brand new design, more languages, just to name a few.

We won't be turning off CookieHub v1 instantly and current users will be able to use the service without interruptions but eventually, we'll pull the plug.

All users with active CookieHub v1 premium subscriptions will receive non-expiring credits in CookieHub v2 for the same amount as they have already paid. These credits can be used towards CookieHub v2 monthly subscriptions. Log in to your CookieHub v1 portal to receive the voucher used to redeem the credits.

Below is the EOL plan for CookieHub v1:

April 2020 CookieHub v2 stable release. Closed for new user registrations and new premium subscriptions in CookieHub v1. Any active users will still be able to login and manage domains and widgets. Premium subscriptions won't be charged the yearly fee after this date but users with active premium subscriptions will still have access to the premium features they already had access to without further payments.

CookieHub v1 premium customers will receive an e-mail with a link to claim credits in CookieHub v2.

May 2020 All CookieHub v1 users will receive an e-mail about the CookieHub v1 sunsetting.
January 2021 Consent log in CookieHub v1 will stop collecting data. Final reminder sent to all users still using CookieHub v1.
April 2021 On April 1st 2021, all CookieHub v1 widgets will be automatically migrated to CookieHub v2. The user interface will change slightly but all functionality should remain unchanged. The widgets will be coverted to free domain subscriptions with 25.000 monthly page views included.
May 2021 CookieHub v1 EOL (end-of-life). Client portal ( closed permanently. Users can log in to the CookieHub v2 portal on to upgrade or modify the widget. Domains that exceeded the 25.000 monthly page views in the previous month will be suspended and will require update to premium subscription.

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