What personal data is stored in the consent log?

CookieHub does not store any personal or sensitive data about your end users. When the consent log feature is enabled for you domain we only store the necessary data required in order to demonstrate the user choices as required by the GDPR article 7.1.

The data is stored in a secure vault isolated from other CookieHub services and created with built in safe guards to avoid unauthorized access. Consent log entries are automatically removed after 12 months.

Our goal is to avoid storing any unnecessary information and be transparent about any data collected or processed and below you can find detailed information about the data stored in the consent log.

Property Details / Purpose
Token A unique string stored in cookiehub cookie in the users browser along with the settings for the cookie categories. In case you need to demonstrate the consent, you’ll have to request this token from the subject to find the entry from the consent log.
Url The full url that the user was viewing when the cookie settings were configured in the CookieHub widget.
Widget revision A reference to the widget revision which was shown at the time the user made his choices.
IP address Anonymized IP address of the client. The last part of the IP address is replaced with a 0 as IP address could be considered personal information.
Country The registered country code for the anonymized IP address block.
User agent User agent string usually containing browser and operating system information.
Date and time The date and time of the consent

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