Page view trigger limitations (outdated)

This article is outdated and only applies to legacy implementation methods of CookieHub to Google Tag Manager.

We recommend upgrading to our latest Google Tag Manager implementation method:

Google Tag Manager Implementation

Due to the order of executions when using Google Tag Manager, you cannot use Page view triggers along with CookieHub triggers. Google Tag Manager is loaded before CookieHub is loaded and at the time of evaluating page view triggers, variables published by CookieHub won't be accessible and no events have been fired from CookieHub.

If you need to use Page view triggers, to be able to conditionally load tags based on URL you can use the Trigger Group trigger type, select the CookieHub Loaded trigger and select the page url conditions.

Usually page views triggers to detect the URL are created like this (trigger will only fire if URL starts with /de):

Instead, you should use the Trigger Group trigger as shown below:

Once the Trigger Group has been created, you can use it for any tag in your Google Tag Manager container with other CookieHub triggers just like you would normally do with Page view triggers:

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