Dashboard revamp (July 2021)

On July 15th 2021 we deployed a major dashboard revamp making it easier than ever to manage your CookieHub widgets and services. Most of the updates are related to the domain management section and includes reorganized navigation and the brand new user interface builder with live preview. Here's a quick overview of the changes and features added:

  • Reorganized navigation in the domain section to make it easier to find customization options.
  • Updated development workflow allowing you to try changes in a development environment before publishing.
  • User interface builder with live preview.
  • Additional crawl/scan options including entry url, included and excluded url prefixes.
  • All content, including cookie descriptions are now managed in a combined Content section.
  • Better overview and indicator to figure out which cookies are correctly set up and which are not.

Reorganized navigation

Now it's much easier to get around and work on your domains and widget using the updated navigation structure. Some of the domain tabs have been combined and you can always see a list of sections on the left.

Updated development workflow

Changes in the dashboard only apply to the development version of the widget that can be used to test changes and prepare updates which can be later published as the production version.

When you have made changes that haven't been published, you will see the Publish pending changes button in the top right corner. When this button is clicked, the changes will be published to the production code.

User interface builder

The user interface builder replaces the previous customization interface, instantly showing a preview of how your CookieHub widget will be displayed and offering more customization options, including choosing which action buttons are visible and changing the order.

Improved content and translation management

You can now manage all content shown in the CookieHub dialogs in a single place in the Content tab. If you have multiple languages enabled, you can choose the language to edit and modify labels, text and cookie descriptions as needed in the same page.

Integration verification indicators (premium only)

For all domains with premium and enterprise subscriptions, the CookieHub crawler will do a verification scan to identify if any cookies are set prior to consent or haven't been categorized yet. Now you can see if any action is needed directly from the list of domains in your account.

When you click the x need attention button you will be taken to the cookie section for that domain where you'll see either a green checkmark if the cookies are correctly configured or red X if they are set prior to consent or don't belong to any category:

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